What to Expect

An opportunity for us to sit, as men, and in the company of men, to be seen, heard and felt in an ongoing discussion about what it is to be a man today. This space is ours to create whatever we feel most appropriate, outside of any judgement.

An array of skills and teachings will be on offer, from movement practices such as Qi Gong, martial arts and natural movement, to ceremonial and profound healing practices both physical and energetic, to primitive and survival skills such as starting fires and hunting.

There will also be plenty of opportunity for us to sit in circle, talk, process and, of course, share and express through musical jams and creative expression. We welcome fathers or carers to bring along sons (aged 11 and up) to witness and be a part of this uniquely masculine event.


All men bring a portion of plant food (is. vegetables and fruit), to be shared as meals throughout the weekend. The preparation of food is a shared activity where men get to work together and negotiate what we wish to eat. (Your facilitators supply the protein to ensure food safety in the heat!) Campfire cooking will be facilitated by your presenters, with organic teas and coffee, snacks and lunch/dinner. You are to provide your own breakfast.  The Grove offers a beautiful campsite, for you to bring your own tent / accommodations.

This event runs on the weekend following the Wise Women Gathering, located 5km away, and is an entirely separate event. 


optional to come Thursday

4pm-8pm ( no meals offered )


9am-12pm Arrival + Check-in


4pm Closing Ceremony


Departure no later than 5pm.

A call to the men... to gather… to connect and feel one another’s presence.. to be heard and understood as men… to be seen and to see one another’s vulnerability, our strength… to discuss what it is to be an authentic man in today’s world.

Connect and meet together to examine and explore that which is missing in our modern world… our birthright.

Few ways are truly open to us as men today, to prove our mettle and to test the limits of masculinity. The frontiers now lie within ourselves, in our ability and capacity to bravely and honestly explore who we are, without macho ideals, and to discover the man you strive to be.

Join us for a weekend of viewing, witnessing, and discussing the archetypes of modern masculinity. Examine your individual potential, and explore the terrain where your shortfalls lie. Together, the group will decide how and what we want to tackle in our time together. No one will dictate our itinerary but us. Each individual contribution is valued.

Many different aspects of masculinity will be explored through workshops, lectures and discussions. An open, honest and safe environment will be held for us share our knowledge and experience, so that everyone gets a chance to feel heard and experience the ends of the spectrum : from beginner to master.

From nature connection practices to wood whittling; from hunting to sexual relationships; from philosophy to self care; this broad scope is available to examine together, for a greater understanding of not only masculinity, but also with ourselves.  

If you are willing to take the next step of your evolution into manhood, come and connect with Nature, with a tribe of men and with yourself at the Wise Men Gathering 2020.

What's On Offer

Fully supported by Real Men 

With a combined  112+ years experience being men, the fellas of Wise Men Gathering are very passionate about facilitating.. no bullshit

Their combined real life roles (in no particular order) include father, entrepreneur, tradie, yoga teacher, fisherman, author, military, youth mentor, survival / wilderness educator, psychotherapist, hunter, musician, elite sportsman, sex practitioner (tantrika), husband,  personal trainer...

"I'm constantly reflecting on questions such as 'What is a 'Man?', and 'How/Where does this idea fit into our modern world?'. It was this basic question that lead me down a path of self reflection, research, and conversation around the topic. It has since become an obsession, a passion for me to discover and reclaim the masculinity that is lost to most of us today." ~ Stuart Gadenne

"There has been a disconnect in our modern society between males and masculinity for generations now. It is the role of every male to search for, and endeavor to embody, that which is truly masculine, that which is Man."

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