Wise Men Gathering

Reclaiming masculinity in the modern world.

For men wanting to enhance their human potential.

May 21-23 2021

Webbs Creek, NSW (90 mins north of Sydney)

A Call to the men... to gather...

...to connect and feel one another’s presence.. to be heard and understood as men… to be seen and to see one another’s vulnerability, our strength… to discuss what it is to be an authentic man in today’s world...


Connect and meet together to examine and explore that which is missing in our modern world… our birthright. Few ways are truly open to us as men today, to prove our mettle and to test the limits of masculinity.


The frontiers now lie within ourselves, in our ability and capacity to bravely and honestly explore who we are, without macho ideals, and to discover the man you strive to be. Join us for a weekend of viewing, witnessing, and discussing the archetypes of modern masculinity.

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